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New Inspirations From 20 Pharma Brands As They Rethink & Update Their Customer-Engaging, Multi-Channel Excellence Strategies For Our Changed Reality!

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Neha Arora, MCE Leader, Northern European Hub, Eli Lilly and Company

Katerina Zambeli, Brand Manager Diabetes, NovoNordisk Greece


09.05 Gold-Standard Omni-Channel Strategies That Produce Results In A Digital World

  • In the wake of Covid-19, how can omni-channel pharma marketing be truly customer-centric when digital is number one?
  • Post-pandemic, ensure digital doesn’t eclipse the range of existing channels in your omni-channel suite with some customers still opting for traditional communications
  • Inspire cross-department collaboration and break down the silos across sales, marketing and medical teams to build a united company front and push the boundaries of multi-channel marketing

09.05 Perspective One
Erasmus Holm, Chief Marketing Officer, Nordics & Baltics, MSD

09.30 Perspective Two
Chiara Bolognini, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Case Study

David Moore, Director / MD, BBI Health


09.55 Achieve & Sustain Multi-Channel Excellence When Channels, Customers & Restrictions Are Constantly Changing

  • With the push to digital in our socially-distanced newreality, how do you ensure that your channel strategy is truly omni-channel and goes above and beyond to guarantee vulnerable patients are included?
  • From Telemedicine, Zoom and Podcasts to Field Salesforce and Events: effectively blend new channels and ways of working into your existing portfolio
  • How have you created a united channel strategy throughout the business while working from home and encouraged a culture ready to embrace the change brought about by the pandemic?
  • Content, content, content: in a world of confused communication, how do you deliver a multi-channel strategy with clear and effective messaging for the people who need it most?

Benjamin Head, Director Digital Customer Engagement, Novartis

Kasper Jerlang, Head of Global Digital Marketing & Engagement, LEO Pharma A/S

Philippe Kirby, Global Digital Engagement Capability Lead, MSD International GmbH

Chiara Bolognini, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Alexandra-Mareike Mehner, Head of Global Marketing Communications BioMonitoring, Merck KGaA

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Harness HCP & Patient Research, Analytics & Data For Actionable Insights Which Drive Customer-Centric Experiences & Personalised Journeys

  • With patient and HCP needs and mindsets changing daily, gaining deep insight has never been more important – so what is needed to build that true understanding?
  • Harness patient, HCP and stakeholder insights across multiple channels to create a better user experience that builds long-term relationships
  • Effectively employ channel analytics and data to discover the most profitable channels for future planning and ongoing investment
  • After actioning insight-led decisions, ensure they continue to land in the right way – and know when to make further improvements

Caroline Pham, Scientific Digital Manager, Janssen


11.25 Case Study

Simon Grime, Director – Digital Engagement, Wilmington Healthcare


12.05 Successful Customer-Centric Multi-Channel Strategies & Personalised Customer Journeys For Meaningful Experiences & Maximum Engagement

  • Update your journey design to ensure seamless transitions across channels for long-lasting customer relationships
  • From the very first contact: map the end-to-end customer journey to really understand pain points and uncover opportunities for improvement
  • How can you measure if your interactions are meaningful?

Lin Lei, Director, Head of Customer Engagement, Teva Pharmaceuticals


12.15 How To Achieve Deeper, More Actionable Insights, With Fewer Meetings

  • Why commercial teams are keeping – and expanding – their virtual engagement strategies post-COVID
  • Why a hybrid engagement model is fast becoming the preferred way to gain insights from doctors, payers and patients
  • How the industry has adopted hybrid engagement to gain more actionable insights and move their projects forward

Kamla Jassal, Sr. Director of Business Partnerships, Within3

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dirk Abeel, Global Sales Director, Medicine, Reckitt Benckiser

Rorik van Welij, Worldwide Multichannel Capability Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Brain Station 51 Case Study

13.45 Destination Cross-Channel: Why Pharma Companies Should Evolve Further From Multi- To Cross-Channel?

  • Today most of the Pharma companies are developing and evolving their own Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel capabilities
  • On this rocky road marketers are meeting many strategical, technical, organizational and process-related challenges, which need to be considered and resolved
  • In the presentation it will be showcased why this evolution is important and how this can be achieved

Vladimir Tsvetkov, Director, Brain Station 51


13.25 Successful Customer-Centric Multi-Channel Strategies & Personalised Customer Journeys For Meaningful Experiences & Maximum Engagement

  • Update your journey design to ensure seamless transitions across channels for long-lasting customer relationships
  • From the very first contact: map the end-to-end customer journey to really understand pain points and uncover opportunities for improvement
  • How can you measure if your interactions are meaningful?

Kristina Mee, Omnichannel Engagement Manager, Novartis

13.50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.30 Effectively Capture The Impact Of Multi-Channel Strategies With Up-To-Date Metrics & Analytics That Demonstrate Both Success & Room For Improvement

  • What are the best measures of customer engagement – and how does that vary per target audience?
  • What does success look like for the business and the customer?
  • Determining the KPIs for business-boosting multi-channel strategies
  • When it is impossible to determine direct quantifiable results, what can you do to determine the business benefits and attribute success to multi-channel excellence?

Boryana Zotkova, Global Development Lead Multi-Channel Reporting, Bayer


14.55 From Global To Local: Adapt Your Multi-Channel Strategies For Consistent Engagement & Results In Every Area

  • Navigate the ongoing complexities of local lockdowns and international travel restrictions to tailor your channel strategies per location and maintain performance across the board
  • What happens when increased digitalisation from head office doesn’t reach every location? Lessons learnt from the post-COVID digital push on your local and global strategies
  • Understand the effectiveness of international campaigns to ensure engagement across a wide audience base

Francesca Domenech Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall


15.20 Harness A Multi-Channel Approach & Content To Maximise Engagement Across Channels & Stakeholders

  • Shifting to digital in our new normal world
  • Content is everything! Go beyond the basics across your channels
  • KPIs to assess engagement performance and further engage stakeholders

José Luis Luna, Global Brand Director, Boehringer Ingelheim


15.45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 From Analog To Digital: Digital Change As A Set Of New Fundamentals

Maximiliane Schoenberg, Head of Digital Marketing, Mepha Schweiz AG


16.35 Capitalise On Opportunities To Maximise Social Media Engagement & Performance In The Multi-Channel Mix

  • Exactly how does social media fit into and enhance our wider multi-channel strategy as digital continues to grow? And which channels should be a priority for specific audiences?
  • Apply concrete benchmarks to reflect current times and accurately report the success of social media within your marketing mix
  • Following on from COVID-19, ensure social media content is kept relevant and engaging for your audience in today’s ever-changing world
  • What new social media platforms could play a key yet compliant role for pharma in the near future? What KPIs should be used to assess their effectiveness and what they can bring to customers?

Stefania Alvino, Digital & Multichannel Marketing Manager, Daiichi Sankyo Italy


17.00 Put The Customer At The Heart Of Your Email Marketing Strategy For Content & CRM That Resonates & Engages

  • Join multiple touch points together and synchronise your email strategy with the wider marketing mix for increased engagement and multi-channel excellence
  • Retain customers and keep interest levels high with targeted content that is truly relevant to each and every customer segment
  • More than just the first name basis: what realistic strategies should you be using to push your personalisation to the next level?

Caz Hanrahan, Director of Product, Campaign Automation, GSK

17.25 Afternoon Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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