Advance Digital HCP & Patient Engagement, Optimise Social Media & Email Marketing & Deliver Real Results With Engaging, Content-led, Customer-Centric Multichannel & Omnichannel Excellence!

Dominate In A Digital-First World! Refresh Digital & Social Strategies To Increase Omnichannel Engagement In A Hybrid World, Advance Digital HCP & Patient Interactions, Transform With New Tech & Digital & Innovate Social Media & Email Marketing, Further Personalisation, Strengthen Stakeholder Engagement, Inform With Data-Led Metrics & Prioritise Customer-Centricity. A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 22nd June 2022, Join Via LIVE STREAM!

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32 Pharma Leaders Share Insights To Power Your Omni & Multichannel Performance With Fresh Content, The Latest Digital & Tech Innovations, Consistent Brand Messaging Across Global & Local Channels, Strategic Personalisation, Data-Led Metrics, Customer-Centric Journeys, Strengthened Stakeholder Engagement & Optimised Social & Email Marketing

1. Showcase Omnichannel Success! Achieve flawless and integrated omnichannel excellence in pharma which captivates customers in a hybrid world
2. Content – Tailored, Targeted & Customer-Focused! Maximise impact and engagement with relevant content which truly reaches across your channel mix
3. Leverage New Digital & Tech Innovations: Improve customer experiences by capitalising on tech innovation and encourage HCP interaction with new digital tools
4. Winning Multi & Omnichannel Thought Leader Insights: Seamlessly integrate your channel mix to adapt to evolving demands of HCPs, patients, and customers in the new normal
5. Global Vs. Local Challenges: Mitigate silos and understand the barriers to fully integrated global to local strategies to deliver consistent results
6. Data-Driven Measurement & Proven ROI: Translate data and metrics into actionable insights which add real value and prove omnichannel success
7. Strategic Personalisation For Maximum Engagement: Deliver real results across all channels with strategic and authentic personalisation
8. Refresh & Revive Your Customer Journeys: Uncover new opportunities to improve customer journeys with targeted content to achieve maximum impact
9. Brand New Social & Email Opportunities: Join multiple channels together to drive new social and email strategies for maximum engagement and performance
10. Strengthen Stakeholder Engagement & Internal Change: Enhance internal and external collaboration to secure stakeholder buy-in from strategy to design

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  • 2 Interactive Thought-Leaders Panels: A) Winning Multi & Omnichannel Strategies B) Customer Journeys
  • 4 Informal Networking Discussions
  • 97% Average Satisfaction Rate
  • 13 European Perspectives
  • 13 of Top 20 Pharma Brands Speaking

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Maximise Engagement, Measure Omnichannel Success & Deliver Real Results With Engaging, Content-Led & Customer-Centric Multichannel & Omnichannel Excellence In Pharma: Refreshed Strategies To Power Profitable Multichannel Performance! Integrate Aligned Omnichannel, Advance Digital HCP & Patient Interactions, Inform With Data-Led Metrics, Prioritise Customer-Centricity, Further Personalisation, Strengthen Stakeholder Engagement, Transform With New Tech & Digital & Optimise Social Media & Email Marketing 

Please see the agenda outline below or click here to view the full conference programme >>

08.50 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Anastasiya Kolyasnikova, Global General Medicines Omnichannel Lead, Sanofi


09.10 Showcase Customer-Centric Omnichannel Strategies Which Push The Boundaries Of Marketing In Pharma & Deliver Real Results

  • Include and involve all teams for a continuous push towards omnichannel for better customer interaction and meaningful journeys
  • Identify the pitfalls delaying the full integration of channels online and offline to encourage organisational buy-in and a cultural shift
  • Maximise the omnichannel wave for seamless channel interaction which aligns with customer needs and brand values
  • Develop omnichannel methods to better support HCPs with their customers in the new hybrid working model
Kate Pain, Associate Director, Omnichannel Operations, Astellas Pharma


09.30 Is The Future Of Pharma Marketing Multi Or Omni? Stay Ahead Of The Game With Channel Capabilities Which Adapt To Ever- Evolving Demands Of HCPs, Patients & Customers

  • Review and reflect upon the impact the global pandemic has had on changing customer behaviours for strategic and agile multichannel approaches
  • Determine effective methods and channel mixes to bridge the gap between online and offline channels for real and meaningful experiences with customers
  • Achieve multichannel excellence through channels that reflect and represent the patient voice whether digital, social, or in-person
  • Examine real-world examples around multichannel, omnichannel, and digital automation, where everything works in sync to cater the right message at the right time, through the right channels
Katerina Zambeli, Senior Brand Manager, Diabetes, Novo Nordisk Greece

Matteo Lacchio, Senior Manager, Sales Force Excellence – Commercial Strategy & Operations, Gilead Sciences

Olli-Joonas Juuso, Multichannel Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Paulina Orczykowska, Multichannel & Digital Business Manager, Roche

Dominik Schmitt-Bohn, Global Customer Engagement Lead, Sanofi Pasteur

Isabel Hope-Urwin, Content & Communications Manager, The London Clinic


10.00 Innovate & Refresh Strategies With Tailored & Targeted Content Which Aligns With Brand Values & Customer Needs For Higher Impact & Increased Engagement

  • Content is key, but so is your brand! Curate content across your channel mix which is distinctive to your brand values to stand out authentically amongst competitors for ultimate brand loyalty
  • Identify and measure the type of content that works best with your audience from text, podcasts, video, and animation
  • Embrace a more holistic vision to capture the attention of the right customer at the right time with the right channel and content to mitigate content overload for higher impact
  • For an industry so heavily regulated, uplift your medical content to meet compliance and customer needs in sync to cater the right message at the right time, through the right channels
10.00 Monika Kochanová, Multichannel Marketing Manager, Merck Healthcare Slovakia

10.20 Andrada Tugui, Senior Omnichannel SPOC Benelux, Janssen

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.10 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Vladimir Tsvetkov, Director, Life Science Industry Lead, Brain Station


11.25 Leverage The Latest Digital & Tech Innovations & Identify Gaps In Your Digital Strategies To Increase Omnichannel Engagement In A Hybrid World

  • Leverage tech and automation to improve customer segmentation for targeted multichannel which will improve experiences across all customer touchpoints
  • Engaging in the digital-first world! Truly listen to HCPs barriers and roadblocks to digital to effectively encourage interaction across digital channels
  • With mobile use rapidly expanding which tech-friendly tools will provide better experiences for your customers?
  • Connect multichannel systems together with AI mechanisms for smarter customer interactions which optimise data and customer feedback
Robin Jones, Digital Brand Manager, AstraZeneca


11.45 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


12.00 Streamline Communications & Mitigate Silos For Consistent Brand Messaging & Content Across Global & Local Channels

  • From analysis to action! Truly understand the barriers to fully integrating global to local strategies by moving away from silos and shaping new processes led by strong leaders who can empower change
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of both centralised and decentralised models for local and global solutions to determine which balances the needs of both local and global best suited for your teams
  • How can you align customer incentives for meaningful experiences across local and global brands, and how can you then govern the whole content process more efficiently?
Arpita Pani, Regional Digital & Multichannel Content Excellence Manager, Abbott


12.20 Strategic Approaches To Drive & Advance Personalisation In Your Multichannel Strategies For Maximum Engagement & Winning Results

  • Critical questions answered! What does personalisation mean in maturity steps, from early maturity to more advanced levels?
  • It’s no secret that tailormade approaches land the best results, but how can you get there using multichannel marketing and how can you create
  • The global pandemic has increased pressures to stay connected with HCPs, patients, and internal teams, so what key lessons can be applied to rebuild and establish meaningful and personal relationships across channels?
Erasmus Holm, Chief Marketing Officer, Nordics & Baltics, MSD

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Breakout Discussions

A. HCP & Patient Engagement
B. Covid Lessons Learned
Karim ElHosaini, Multi Channel Engagement Manager, Eli Lilly & Company

C. Video
D. Salesforce
E. Data Driven Marketing
Yigal Aviv Digital Services Manager, Pfizer Israel

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Karim ElHosaini, Multi Channel Engagement Manager, Eli Lilly & Company


13.50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.20 Translate Data & Metrics Into Actionable Insights Which Adds Real Value & Proves ROI

  • Channel analytics and performance drivers: determine how you can better invest for the business and where you need to make strategic decisions based on data seen at an organisational level
  • Generate data across your channel mix to translate valuable insights directly into future strategies and explore how incorporated measurement truly adds value and proves ROI
  • Manage your data better to understand how customers are embracing digital, what HCP portals they’re using, the products and channels they prefer for actionable insights which boost engagement

14.40 Refresh & Renew Your Multichannel Strategies Through Better Co-ordinated Medical & Commercial Teams For Seamless Customer Journeys

  • How can commercial teams involve and support HCPs better for maximum engagement from the very first contact?
  • Manage the complexity of diverse content across multiple platforms easier to understand touchpoints and uncover opportunities for improvement
  • Integrate data analytics to map end-to-end customer journeys for multichannel strategies which reflect customer preferences
Yasna Mathew, Senior Multi-Channel Marketing Manager, Global Vaccines, GSK

John Wahba, Global Medical Affairs Director, Digital & Comms, ViiV Healthcare UK

Evi Mathiou, Legal Compliance & Quality Director, Novo Nordisk

Daniela Alessandrini, Marketing Director, Haematology, Novartis

Nabil Afzal, Digital Marketing & Brand Manager, ViiV Healthcare UK

Olivera Dimitrovska, Regional Multichannel Customer Engagement Senior Manager, Commercial Operations, Region SEEMEA, Novo Nordisk

Thomas Molenaar, Digital Transformation Manager, Dechra Pharmaceuticals


15.10 Explore Brand New Insights & Opportunities To Maximise Social Engagement & Performance In Your Omnichannel Mix

  • How has the pandemic changed customer behaviours and engagement levels on social media and how can you maximise this through a pharma lens?
  • Click through rates, google ads, and paid social… what can you really do on social media to prove social ROI?
  • Stay ahead of regulations and data privacy changes to mitigate the impact on social media engagement and establish what this means for omnichannel engagement strategies moving forward
  • How can you leverage the growth of social media channels to include harder-to-reach audiences?
Alicia Custis, Associate Director Of Communications, Pennine Care, NHS Foundation Trust

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment With Informal Networking


16.00 Strengthen Stakeholder Engagement With Fluid Organisational Design To Power Collaboration Across Channels

  • Content is key, but so is your brand! Curate content across your channel mix which is distinctive to your brand values to stand out authentically amongst competitors for ultimate brand loyalty
  • Develop communication strategies to enhance internal and external teams for collaborative approaches which further engage customers
  • Demonstrate the value of multichannel with KPIs and metrics to enhance stakeholder engagement and secure that all-important stakeholder buy-in
16.00 Peter O. Jolapamo, Senior Director – Organisation, Change & Transition, Novartis

16.20 Dimitar Mitev, Global Omnichannel Transformation Lead, Sanofi


16.40 Innovate & Refresh Strategies With Tailored & Targeted Content Which Aligns With Brand Values & Customer Needs For Higher Impact & Increased Engagement

  • Inspire teams to embrace multichannel and digital platforms as ‘the modern way’ of connecting with customers!
  • Demonstrate the value multichannel adds to traditional marketing activities for internal buy-in to improve the channel mix and customer journey
  • With remote and hybrid workforces how can you encourage managers and HCPs to leverage new digital channels?
  • Encourage flexibility and agility within salesforce and marketing to maximise digital channels for smoother multichannel operations
Arnaud B. Muller, Digital Portfolio Director Specialty, Daiichi Sankyo Europe, GmbH

Minna Keskitalo, Customer Experience Lead, Teva Finland

Lorenzo Valaca, International Mutli-Channel Engagement – Therapeutic Area Lead, Eli Lilly & Company

Lucillia Abbud, Senior International Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim 

Ciara Byrne, Multi-Channel Marketing Lead Ireland, GSK Ireland



17.20 Drive Traffic To Your Platforms With Effective Email Marketing To Optimise Engagement & ROI

  • Maximise engagement tools to determine what content works well from a patient POV to push your channel metrics
  • Combine your email strategy with the wider marketing mix for multichannel excellence and increased engagement
  • Anticipate changing customer behaviours to push personalisation strategies to the next level
  • Practical insights into relevant content that will improve open rates and boost conversion
Stefania Alvino, Digital Orchestrator & Omnichannel, Marketing Manager, Daiichi Sankyo Italy

17.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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