One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, The Law Society's Hall, London, 7th June 2023

Transform HCP & Patient Engagement, Power Multichannel Impact & Drive Meaningful Results With:

Innovative, Engaging, Customer-Centric Omnichannel Strategies In Pharma

Successfully Implement Omnichannel Through Data-Driven Customer Experiences That Optimise Multichannel Performance, Integrate Sales Force Teams, Embed Digital Cultures, Leverage Technology & Digital Tools, Add Value To Customer Journeys & Powerfully Engage HCPs, Patients & Stakeholders With Relevant & Personalised Content & Emails

24 Pharma Leaders Share Experience-Led, Practical Insights To Drive Forward Successful Multichannel & Omnichannel Strategies – In Just 1 Day!

The 6th Annual Pharma Omnichannel Excellence Conference Brings Together 24 Pharma Leaders Share Experience-Led, Practical Insights To Optimise Multichannel, Successfully Implement Omnichannel Cultures & Strategies, Power Customer-Focused Journeys, Integrate The Sales Force, Elevate Hybrid Communications, Leverage AI & Tech & Deliver Organisational Digital Transformation

Multi to Omnichannel Success ∙ Integrate Sales Forces ∙ Digital Tools, AI & Tech ∙ Omnichannel Cultures & Digital Transformation ∙ Data, Measurement & ROI ∙ Customer-Centric Journeys ∙ Engaging & Meaningful Content ∙ Email Marketing ∙ Personalisation ∙ Global & Local Strategies ∙ Stakeholder Engagement


Exceptional Multi To Omnichannel Success:

Achieve an effortless transition to omnichannel with a customer-focused strategy that aims to deliver one voice to customers


Customer-Focused HCP & Patient Journeys:

Shape the customer journey to reflect customer demands for offline and online channels in hybrid settings for lasting, meaningful connections


Powerfully Integrate Sales Reps Into The Omnichannel Mission:

Strategically shift internal mindsets to view sales forces as a valuable asset that can powerfully interact and connect with customers


Uncover AI-Driven Tech & Tools For Commercial Growth:

Leverage digital tools and the latest tech innovations to build omnichannel strategies that are fit-for-future


Successfully Embed Omnichannel Cultures & Digital Change:

Practical leadership insights to support digital transformation and empower workforces to confidently deliver omnichannel comms


Drive Tangible Results With Data Insights & Measurement:

Cost-effective steps to translate insights into meaningful action for channel content that boosts engagement and secures ROI


Design & Deliver Content That Cuts Through The Noise:

Cost-effective steps to translate insights into meaningful action for channel content that boosts engagement and secures ROI


Value-Adding Email Marketing & CRM:

Benchmark success and optimise email marketing as a complimentary channel which can deepen relationships


Value-Adding Email Marketing & CRM:

Tailor medical and commercial content across the whole customer journey for higher impact and real returns


Powerfully Interact & Engage With Stakeholders:

Pioneering initiatives to engage with stakeholders and innovate channel content to support HCPs and guarantee investment in your products and services

PLUS - Real Lessons Learned, Customer-Focused!


  • European Perspectives
  • 10 of the Top 20 Pharma Brands Speaking
  • 2 Thought-Leading Panel Discussions:
    • Multi To Omnichannel Success
    • Customer-Centric Hybrid Journeys
  • 5 Interactive Workshop Discussions:
    • HCP Experience
    • Regulation & Compliance
    • Leadership
    • Social Media & Digital Apps
    • Metaverse

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